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About SafeComNet


SafeComNet is FURUNO’s new satellite-based broadband communication solution using Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Ku-band VSAT.
In recent years, Information Technology has grown and developed in the marine sector and vessel owners have requested greater access to communications, email and Internet facilities aboard their ships.
In response to this trend, satellite technology providers have developed FleetBroadband and VSAT as components of their network infrastructure to facilitate the link between vessels and onshore.

FleetBroadband delivers a broadband service of up to 432 kbps around the globe with moderate communication fees, while VSAT delivers a broadband service with speeds up to 1 Mbps. This is comparable to the communication speed we enjoy every day at the office or at home. While the hardware costs are higher, VSAT offers a flat monthly rate, “Always-on” network onboard, bringing the vessels network environment up to speeds comparable to what we are accustomed to onshore.

Safety and efficiency of navigation have become increasingly dependent upon IT-based communication and with increasing demands to enhance crew welfare onboard the vessels, the need to bring the IT network environment onboard the vessels has risen.
Our answer to these market needs is a broadband network infrastructure onboard the vessels, provided through SafeComNet. Through SafeComNet, FURUNO will not only supply a wide range of navigation products but will also deliver airtime, applications and worldwide service and support as an all-inclusive solution package.

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