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Ku-band VSAT service

Ku-band VSAT service

Introduction to VSAT services

Features of VSAT

Brings a land-based broadband communications environment onboard vessels

Selectable communication rates for data and communications according to various requirements onboard:

  • Service providing best effort delivery of up to 1 Mbps
  • Fixed flat rate charge according to the selected bandwidth

Provides broadband communication that can be utilized for a wide variety of applications including both operational and social purposes

VPN networking, Internet (web browsing, e-mailing), VoIP, Video Store and Forward, high quality live video transmission, two-way videoconferencing, onboard monitoring, chart updates, remote ship management system, etc.*

*Please note that some of these applications listed will be available in the future. Also, certain network devices must be arranged locally, in order for you to make use of some of the applications.

Allows for unlimited connection at a fixed monthly cost, dependant solely on the bandwidth you require

You will no longer need to worry about the communication bill, for no matter how extensively your broadband connection is utilized, the communication costs remain the same, and depend only on the service plan you select.*

*Charges for connecting to the public telephone network are not included in the fixed mounthly costs.

System Overview of VSAT

Ku-band GEO satellite system

Hundreds of Ku-band GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) Satellites are located 2-3 degrees apart at an altitude of 35,680 km. Although each VSAT transponder has a limited coverage delivered by its regional footprint. SafeComNet facilitates switch-over from the footprint of one satellite to another in order to deliver a seamless Ku-band service that embraces the major shipping lanes around the world.

General overview of Ku-band VSAT service

Max. Communication SpeedUp to 1 Mbps downlink*
BillingFixed flat rate according to the selected service plan
Service CoverageRegional coverage provided by multiple satellite service providers
(seamless roaming possible without any roaming surcharge)
Voice callsVoIP

*For service faster than 1 Mbps, please consult with your nearest distributors.

Possibilities through VSAT

Unlimited data transfer allowances ideally suited for sending and receiving huge amounts of data for example:

For vessel operationFor welfare
Internet (Web browsing/emailing)Internet (Web browsing/emailing)
IP phoneIP phone, pre-paid phone
VPN connectionInterface with GSM, CDMA phone
Chart/Software updateIP TV
Weather informationVideo on demand
Vessel monitoringTelemedicine
Video conferencing 
Remote maintenance of products 

VSAT Coverage

VSAT Coverage

VSAT Service Plans

No.PlanShore to
DL (kbps)
Ship to
UL (kbps)
1Global Ku Plan 1-A2561281616Internet
2Global Ku Plan 2-A5122561616Internet
3Global Ku Plan 3-A5125121616Internet
4Global Ku Plan 3-B5125122020Internet + 1 voice CH
5Global Ku Plan 3-C5125124040Internet + 2 voice CH
6Global Ku Plan 3-D5125126060Internet + 3 voice CH
7Global Ku Plan 3-E5125128080Internet + 4 voice CH
8Global Ku Plan 4-A10245121616Internet
9Global Ku Plan 4-B10245122020Internet + 1 voice CH
10Global Ku Plan 4-C10245124040Internet + 2 voice CH
11Global Ku Plan 4-D10245126060Internet + 3 voice CH
12Global Ku Plan 4-E10245128080Internet + 4 voice CH

CIR: Committed Information Rate


  • Above speed of circuit is best effort connection
  • Other customized plans are available on demand
  • Voice channel(s) exclude line rental & call charges

What is a shared service?

Data rate depends on the number of users who share the communication pipe.

What is CIR?

CIR (Committed Information Rate) is a dedicated line,which is provided for a customer on demand within the shared communication pipe.

Key network technologies to facilitate a seamless roaming service

Global Network Management System (GNMS)

Continuous monitoring of the location and communication status of the VSAT system onboard the vessels can be maintained from servers located in the shore station. The shore station will instruct each VSAT system to change the satellite configuration of the onboard router when the vessel is about to reach the edge of one satellite footprint.

Automatic Beam Switching (ABS)

Based on iDirect router technology, automatic and seamless communication is always secured even when the vessel crosses several coverage areas of multiple satellite beams by automatic adjustment of frequency and polarization settings.

No operator input is required:

  • No timely alerts necessary from the ship to the airtime provider
  • No tedious onboard manual adjustments of satellite frequencies, polarization etc.
  • No physical replacement of parts inside the antenna is necessary

VSAT Infrastructure

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